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Internet Messaging

Internet Messaging for the INTUITY AUDIX builds on the multimedia capabilities of INTUITY AUDIX to provide exchange of voice, fax, text, and binary components over the Internet.

Topics include:

Internet Messaging Features

Internet Messaging has the following characteristics:

What Internet Messaging Can Do for You

Internet Messaging can:

Sending and Receiving Email

Internet Messaging gives INTUITY Message Manager and Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) client subscribers full Internet email capabilities through the INTUITY AUDIX. Multimedia messages can be sent from the INTUITY AUDIX to any email address. The recipients can access these messages as multipart MIME messages using commercially-available email software. Voice components are played with the Voice Player (VP), which is distributed without charge and uses the same voice compression algorithm as the INTUITY AUDIX system.

The following apply:

Email Access Through the Telephone

With Internet Messaging for INTUITY AUDIX, subscribers can use the telephone to manage messages received at their AUDIX mailbox. The MWI is activated to alert the subscribers to the arrival of new messages.

The message can contain up to four media types, specifically voice, text, file attachments, and fax. However, message feature operation varies little from that of voice or fax message handling. From the telephone, subscribers can:

A message is treated as a single entity when accessed via a telephone. Thus, when subscribers access their mailboxes to listen to a message, all components that can be voiced are played in serial fashion. When subscribers play a message that contains a voice, a fax, a text, and a file attachment component, they will hear the voice component, followed by a voiced summary of the fax component, followed by the spoken translation of the text component (if enabled), followed by a voiced summary about the attached file.

Optional Email Features

Two features, if not already purchased for use with other INTUITY AUDIX features, provide additional, useful access to message information.

Web-based Administration

Although it is possible to administer Internet Messaging through the INTUITY AUDIX system console, a simpler graphical interface has been developed for you to use with a Web browser. This tool enables you to accomplish administration with these additional capabilities:

The following browsers are known to function properly for Internet Messaging administration:
Microsoft Windows
Netscape Navigator 3.01 or Communicator 4.04
Internet Explorer 3.0 or 4.0
Apple PowerMac
Netscape Navigator 3.01

Sun Solaris
Netscape Navigator 3.01 or higher


Before you install Internet Messaging, there are several things you should do:

Email Message Size

Email messaging can have a significant impact on the size set for a subscriber's mailbox. An email message can be a short memo or can include attachments of software files of considerable size. If subscribers send fax and voice messages, planning is more difficult.

AUDIX converts all message components into seconds of space in the mailbox.The following table shows some typical average mailbox sizes and corresponding maximum email and maximum message length capacities.
Table: Email Messaging and AUDIX Mailbox Size
Mailbox Size
Maximum Email Size
Maximum Voice Message Length
2400 sec (0:40 hr)
1.2 MB
600 sec (10 min)
3600 sec (1:00 hr)
1.8 MB
900 sec (15 min)
4800 sec (1:20 hr)
2.4 MB
1200 sec (20 min)

LAN Impact

Use the following table to calculate how much of the LAN traffic on the system will be comprised of email messages (including email with attached components).
Table: LAN Impact of Email Messaging
60 seconds = 13
2 1-KB packets
3 pages = 145
1-KB packets
5 KB = 5.5
1-KB packets1
A typical spreadsheet or word processing file is approximately 150 KB.

Subscriber Planning

Prepare subscribers by taking the following steps:

Security Issues


Toll fraud is the theft of long distance service. When toll fraud occurs, your company is responsible for charges. See Overview of Security or the Avaya Products Security Handbook for information on how to prevent toll fraud, or call the Avaya Technologies National Customer Care Center at 1-800-643-2353.

Using Internet Messaging and the Internet presents certain security issues. Your company is responsible for any damages that could arise as a result of the use of Internet Messaging. However, you can administer your system to minimize these risks. You need to be concerned with:

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