Call Waiting

Enabling Call Waiting allows a user who is already on a call to be made aware of another call to their extension. An intermittent call waiting tone is played (the tone varies according to locale) and depending on the phone type, information about the new caller may be displayed.

Note: If the user has call appearance buttons programmed, call waiting will not get activated. The next incoming call will appear on an available call appearance button. When there are no available call appearance buttons, the next incoming call will receive busy tone.   

To answer a call waiting, either end the current call or put the current call on hold, and then answer the new call. Hold can then be used to move between calls.

On phones with multiple call appearance buttons, pressing the appropriate button allows you to move between calls. This can also be done through IP Office applications such as Phone Manager.

Call waiting can also be provided for hunt group calls if the hunt group Ring Mode must be Group. The group members personal call waiting must also be enabled.

The following default short codes are available when using Call Waiting. The short code features they use can also be assigned to DSS buttons.