Force Login

Force Login forces the user to log back onto his phone after any logoff, including a system reboot. For example, when a Hot Desking user logs off a phone, the system (by default) attempts to re-associate the phone with the default user; if that user is set to Force Login, then they must enter their Login Code to complete the re-association. By default Force Login is not enabled for users.

To set up Force Login:

  1. Receive the system configuration.

  2. Click User located in the Configuration Tree panel.

  3. In the list of users, double-click the user name or extension for whom you want to create a Force Login.

  4. Click the Telephony tab.

  5. Tick Force Login.

  6. A Login Code must be set when Force Login is enabled. In the Login Code field, enter at least 4 digits. Inform the user of this Login Code.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Merge the configuration.