Call Status

The Call Status utility allows a PC to display all telephone and data calls that are currently active on the IP Office system.


Call Status displays two window panes, one on top of the other, in one window. The top window pane is a status of all of the active telephone and data calls on the system, the lower pane will collect a list of incoming calls that have not been answered.

The Active Calls List displays the time the call was made, the extension either making or receiving the call, the number dialed or the received CLI/ANI Automatic Number Identification (ANI). See CLIP, the party at the other end of the call, the direction of the call, the current status of the call (Idle, Ringing, Connected, Disconnected, Suspended, Resuming, Dialing, Queued, Parked, or Held) and the length of time the call has been active.

The Missed Calls List displays the date and time the call was received, the extension that was receiving the given call, the number received via CLI/ANI, the party at the other end of the call and the length of time the third party waited for an answer before hanging up.

Call Status is extremely useful in establishing if there are any data calls in progress.