Appendix I - Applications


This appendix provides an overview of the applications that you can connect to the system or that were available in the past. For complete information about the use of any application discussed here, refer to the documentation for that product.

The system supports the following applications for enhanced call-handling and system management capabilities:

  Organization of Descriptions
  System Support for Applications
  Supported Printers
  PassageWay Direct Connection Solution
  PassageWay - Considerations and Constraints
PassageWay - Feature Interactions
  Voice Messaging Systems
  Voice Messaging Interface (VMI) Port Capabilities
Transfer Redirect
Far-End Disconnect
Ports In/Out of Service
MERLIN Messaging System
MERLIN Messaging System - Automated Attendant
MERLIN Messaging System - Voice Mail
Octel 100 Messaging
Octel 100 Messaging - Automated Attendant
  Octel 100 Messaging - Voice Mail
Octel 100 Messaging - Fax Mail
MERLIN MAGIX Enhanced Customer Care Solution
How the Enhanced Customer Care Solution Works
MERLIN Integrated Network Access
  Call Accounting System
  Call Accounting System - Considerations and Constraints
Call Accounting System - Feature Interactions
Call Accounting Terminal
Call Accounting Terminal - Considerations and Constraints
Call Accounting Terminal - System Programming
Call Accounting Terminal - Feature Interactions
  MERLIN MAGIX Reporter - Mode Differences
MERLIN MAGIX Reporter - Considerations and Constraints
MERLIN MAGIX Reporter - Feature Interactions
  WinSPM - Considerations and Constraints
  Intuity CONVERSANT - Considerations and Constraints
TransTalk 9000 Digital Wireless System
Business Cordless 905 Telephone
  Group Videoconferencing
Desktop Videoconferencing
Desktop Videoconferencing - Mode Differences
Desktop Videoconferencing - Considerations and Constraints
Desktop Videoconferencing - Feature Interactions
  ISDN Terminal Adapter