Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Feature

SMDR Report Fields


Sample SMDR report in ISDN format.

Depending upon the type of line used for a call and whether it provides caller identification information, this field displays either IN or a telephone number. The digits recorded in the CALLED NUMBER field include not only the number dialed to place the call, but also any digits dialed after the call is connected (for example, digits dialed to log into a voice mail system). The maximum number of digits printed in this field is 15. A question mark ( ? ) in the CALL TAG field (Column 5) indicates that the number overflowed because it was longer than 15 digits.

For an incoming call in Basic format, this field displays IN . The balance of this topic describes the field's contents when the ISDN format is used.

Column 4 displays the following values for an incoming call in ISDN format:

For an outgoing call, the CALLED NUMBER field displays one of the following two values:

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